Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby Roman

Wow! Today or yesterday....was a wonderful, hetic, amazing day! We will never forget July 8th in our family!! Just to give you some background, Alexis was suppose to go the baby Dr on Friday only to find out her doctor had a family emergency. So, they rescheduled her appointment till Monday at 2. Taylor decided not to go because he has already taken off alot, so I was excited to go! I woke up after sleeping over 8 hours! Praise the Lord!! (More to come on this!) I called Alexis and she was not feeling well at all! She told me she was having some contractions and thought her water was maybe leaking. Then, she said she was going to lay down and for me to come about one. When I got there, she told me she had changed 4 times because of her leaking but her contractions were not consistent so there was no way she was in labor. We decided to head to the doctor early "just in case" she could be in labor. Just before we left I asked if she wanted to grab her bags or sit them by the door. She said yes but I need to put a few more things in them. If anyone knows Alexis she is a planner! I am talking down to the second planner! This was not normal for her but a God thing in my eyes!! So, she finished packing and off we went! I was excited to be with her and going to the baby doctor! We got there and walked in and Alexis looks down and says, "Amber, my pants are wet." We quickly went upstairs to tell the receptionist I was shocked how quickly we went back! She told the nurse and and she said, "Oh, honey I think you will be taking a trip downstairs." (labor & delivery floor). Then, in came DR right when he walked in water went everywhere. Of course, being the supportive sister I burst out laughing. I mean what else do you do. Alexis said I am so embrassed. The DR calmly stated, "Better here than at walmart." He then told Alexis her water had in fact broke and he was calling to get her a room now to get labor rolling. Things moved pretty fast...we were checked in by 2.....Sweet Baby Love was here by 9:18!! He weighs 6 lbs. 10 oz. He is 19 inches long.
Roman Case Sterling, you are so loved already! We are so glad you came into the world! I can not wait to watch you grow, learn, and love! Always remember your roots, build a relationship with Jesus, and love with all your heart!!

Monday, July 1, 2013


I know I need to write this, but it is HARD. I know God's Grace is enough for me, but here is the deal. I have made so many mistakes. I mean people really don't even know. I am sure if anyone I go to college with reads this, they are like oh I know. But here is the real deal. God knows it all, and he forgives me anyway. Wow! It is so amazing to me. I mean I am one of those people that can make the same mistake 100 times before I learn that it is a mistake. But, God knew that and forgives me because his son Jesus died on the cross for me and my sin. I feel so many times that I am not good enough....guess what.... I am not. That is the neat thing about Grace. I don't have to do good works. What I do have to do is work harder to read God's word and get to know him better each day. I have to strive to live a life that will glorify him. All this to get me here:
These last few months have been a struggle for not only me, but especially my best friend. She has went through one of the toughest times in her life. She found out in September her husband was having an affair, then her Grandma unexpected passed away. This is what I can tell you without all the details. Her ex-husband had become one of my best guy friends. He was someone I could talk about sports with, trust to get advice from, and just talk to him. I can tell you this. I have been able to forgive him for the affairs, but he said some hurtful things to someone that means so much to me. I still see lots of times how these comments have hurt her. It breaks my heart. I know just like God shows me grace I need to do the is just hard for me! I am praying that this forgiveness comes and that I can get there! I know I will. Isn't God's Grace a wonderful thing!

Summer Lovin'

Well, for anyone out there who has summers off you know it is wonderful! I love my summers! For a little recap, I finished my 5th amazing year of teaching! I had a great group of kids. They were respectful and sweet...I am sad to see them go to 6th grade. But, I left them a couple days early to go on a vacation with my bestie from college, Mayci! We left on Friday, May 31 and went to Cozumel. We stayed at Park Royal! This place comes HIGHLY recommended by me! If you want some where with sun and fun....go here! We loved it! We basically laid by the beach or pool and ate wonderful food! It was a relaxing and fun vacay. I will post a few pics, because pictures make everything better right?!?! Then I returned to do a week of Professional my favorite after a week off, but hey it actually was fun and educational. After this was over it was family time! My Dad's side of the family came in for Father's Day weekend. We had a baby shower for my sister and lots of fun family time! I love my family so much! Once this was over, it was my week with Nakia in Branson. We had a blast! She is so much fun and a joy to be around. Last week and this one, hopefully, are very chill weeks! I have had lunch and dinner with friends and just enjoyed laying out by the pool. So yes, I love summer so very much! Hope everyone else is loving summer as much as me!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break.....thinking

Well, this spring break I didn't go to Disney World, I didn't go to some nice tropical island, or I didn't go in some elaborate road trip.  FOR everyone that knows me, you know I love to travel. This spring break, I did take a small trip to Fayetteville and Little Rock. But, this is the extent of my traveling. I had an awesome time in Little Rock for Saint Patrick's Day. The best part of the trip I was making a Harlem shake video! I love being silly and dancing with my amazing friends.. They are the best! During the week I took it easy and cleaned my house from top to bottom. I know you have to be thinking that sounds like a lot of fun, but it was much needed. I'm hoping to have a buyer for my house soon. This is something that I've been praying about a lot. Then this past weekend, I went to Fayetteville and hang out with Mayci & Liz. I love getting to spend time with my friends!
1 thing I can tell you about not having a lot to do during the week, is that I think about things way too much. oh well I guess that happens. one thing am looking forward to that though, is going to Cozumel with Mayci!! Now May 31st please hurry up! This girl needs a vacation!

Monday, March 4, 2013


One of my not so famous quotes is be a positive Polly not a negative Nancy. Lately, I have noticed how being so positive can truly impact others! You never know how much a smile can mean to someone. Even when I am having a bad day I always try to find something great about that day! Try it!! Find something that makes you smile each day! I can see more and more how blessed I am! God is working in my life and those around me too!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just call her Ambo

Have you heard...I am going to be an Aunt again!! I am so excited!! I love Peyton to death and can't wait to love all over another baby boy! :) Baby Sterling, I can't wait to meet you in July!
I don't always get to spend a lot of time with Peyt, but when I do I cherish that time! He always puts a smile on my face!! Last week, Alexis(my sis)got into the whole what should the baby call Amber question. We have been over it what seems like 100 times! I am sorry but Aunt Amber or Auntie Am are just plain lame!  Peyt has always called me Amber or Aunt Monkey!!(inside joke about always making monkey faces!) He said "We're going to call her Ambo!" It was precious! My Dad has called me that ever since I can remember!! All my closest friends call me that! And now my nephews will call me it, too! I love it and it seems so fitting!
Peyton you will be an amazing big brother!! Yes, baby boy will wear this outfit too! I am sure my mom will buy it if I don't! She is already planning my beach wedding without a groom........but that is a whole other post!!

I love pictures!!

Here are a few pics from the last few months! :)

Godly Guidance

Things are a changing.......This week we found out that our principal is retiring after this school year. I will say this, I am blessed to have worked for her. Without her, I would not have got my job at Greenwood. She believed in me as a teacher and supported and helped me so much. I have put a lot of thought into my life and what God really wants for over the next few years. These are just a few questions I have..
1. Is Greenwood where I need to stay forever or awhile?
2. Is teaching really what God wants me to do forever?
3. If Greenwood isn't where I need to be, where does God want me to go?
4. I know what God wants me to do if I am not teaching..I have blogged about this before and it scares me a whole lot!
I don't feel like a have a clear answer on any of these questions, but what God has really shown me lately is that I need to continue to seek his face even when I don't have all the answers "I want!" Yes, I know patience is something I need to work on...I am getting better. This is one thing I feel that has been clearly shown to me the past few months I think about what way to many people when I make decisions. I need to clearly know what God wants me to do and just do it!!! I want to be better about this...It is just my nature to think about everyone else around me. Ultimately, if God is telling me to do something I NEED to do it! End of story!

DNow Weekend

Wow....Our God is an awesome God!! This weekend was amazing! I help lead a group of 11th grade girls on Sunday mornings! This weekend I had them at my house for Disciple Now! It was an amazing weekend. The girls opened up and really shared their hearts! I loved that I got to share it with all of them. I love these girls more than they may ever realize. It has been so neat to see them grow closer to God and what he is doing in their lives. I am so blessed by each one of them!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life is tough

I know I need to write about this, but I also know it's going to be very hard. Last week, 1 of my students I had the first year teaching passed away. When I found out I was in shock. This student had a disorder known as Prader Willi syndrome. I knew from the time I met him that he was special. He had a way to brighten anyone's day. He could make you laugh even when you were mad. He had many friends at Greenwood. His peers accepted him as 1 of their  own. I also knew from the time I met him, that his life expectancy wouldn't be normal but, I never thought he would pass away at such a young age. The Junior High Principal did the funeral and did an amazing job! It is so weird to me how you get so attached to the kids you teach. They are all like my own children. I'll never forget Hunter or the impact he had! I know now that he is perfect in heaven worshiping Jesus! Thank you for allowing me to write this it brings lots of peace and closure to me!!
On a side note, 1 of our students this weekend it Dnow ask me if life is fair. My answers, no. What I do think matters is how we react to things that happen to us in our life.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Well I never thought I would blog about this, but here we go.......I think I could possibly write a book on dating! I would call myself the one date wonder! Laugh, it is suppose to be funny! Just to give you some history, I dated one person through the majority of high school. To be honest, it was great we had so much fun together!! He was a great Christian guy with a wonderful family! I learned a lot from our relationship. We just weren't meant to be, end of story!
After this, I dated one guy in the summer before college. He was precious and sweet, but I knew I needed to go to college with no attachments! So, I broke his heart! :( But, I don't think I could have made it regrets! :)
In college, I dated here and there. But I never wanted it to go further than dating! My feelings were, I had done the relationship thing and just wanted time to have fun without any commitment to anyone! I wanted to figure out who I was without any influence from anyone! Selfish....yea probably so! It for sure was not fair to the guys I dated at that time. Looking back now I can see that!
Well, when I moved back to Greenwood four years ago all my friends were getting married. So, I thought I will start dating. I knew I was ready for that and it was time to settle down! Well, this was easier said than done! In Central Arkansas, there are single men everywhere...Greenwood, Arkansas yea not so much!! It was hard to meet people! Harder than I ever thought possible! The first couple years home I went on only two dates, but turned down several others. Then in 2011, I made my New Years Resolution to go on dates with anyone that asked me! I have continued this into 2012...and now 2013!
I have been on around 10 dates the past two years. All first dates and first dates only! Sometimes by my choose...sometimes by theirs...and sometimes I have no idea what happened! It has been a crazy experience! It is difficult to say the least! But I know there is someone, somewhere out there! Just hope I find him!
**Side note I love my life!! I am happy and so blessed by amazing friends and family!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Holidays

Do the Holidays get harder for everyone as you get older? This year more than ever I wished things were the same as they were a few years ago. It just seems harder to get together, and to keep traditions we've had ever since I can remember!!  I loved the family time but things are just different! So, cherish the time while you have it even if things are different! Family is so important!

Maybe blogging from my phone will help??

Well, here we are again and it has been a month since I wrote a post! So, I have added blogger on my phone. My goal is to blog weekly.

A very dear friend of mine asked me an important question this week. She asked, "If you could go back to school and do anything else, what would you do?" My answer before I even thought, "I would want to learn to be a missionary!" Wait, what? Did I really just say that? I love Nicaragua! I could be completely content with living  there and feeding kids all day, everyday! But could I ever have the faith I need to do this? Is this something God really wants me to do? It is something I need to pray about!!!

What does God want you to do with the rest of your life?