Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just call her Ambo

Have you heard...I am going to be an Aunt again!! I am so excited!! I love Peyton to death and can't wait to love all over another baby boy! :) Baby Sterling, I can't wait to meet you in July!
I don't always get to spend a lot of time with Peyt, but when I do I cherish that time! He always puts a smile on my face!! Last week, Alexis(my sis)got into the whole what should the baby call Amber question. We have been over it what seems like 100 times! I am sorry but Aunt Amber or Auntie Am are just plain lame!  Peyt has always called me Amber or Aunt Monkey!!(inside joke about always making monkey faces!) He said "We're going to call her Ambo!" It was precious! My Dad has called me that ever since I can remember!! All my closest friends call me that! And now my nephews will call me it, too! I love it and it seems so fitting!
Peyton you will be an amazing big brother!! Yes, baby boy will wear this outfit too! I am sure my mom will buy it if I don't! She is already planning my beach wedding without a groom........but that is a whole other post!!

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