Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby Roman

Wow! Today or yesterday....was a wonderful, hetic, amazing day! We will never forget July 8th in our family!! Just to give you some background, Alexis was suppose to go the baby Dr on Friday only to find out her doctor had a family emergency. So, they rescheduled her appointment till Monday at 2. Taylor decided not to go because he has already taken off alot, so I was excited to go! I woke up after sleeping over 8 hours! Praise the Lord!! (More to come on this!) I called Alexis and she was not feeling well at all! She told me she was having some contractions and thought her water was maybe leaking. Then, she said she was going to lay down and for me to come about one. When I got there, she told me she had changed 4 times because of her leaking but her contractions were not consistent so there was no way she was in labor. We decided to head to the doctor early "just in case" she could be in labor. Just before we left I asked if she wanted to grab her bags or sit them by the door. She said yes but I need to put a few more things in them. If anyone knows Alexis she is a planner! I am talking down to the second planner! This was not normal for her but a God thing in my eyes!! So, she finished packing and off we went! I was excited to be with her and going to the baby doctor! We got there and walked in and Alexis looks down and says, "Amber, my pants are wet." We quickly went upstairs to tell the receptionist I was shocked how quickly we went back! She told the nurse and and she said, "Oh, honey I think you will be taking a trip downstairs." (labor & delivery floor). Then, in came DR right when he walked in water went everywhere. Of course, being the supportive sister I burst out laughing. I mean what else do you do. Alexis said I am so embrassed. The DR calmly stated, "Better here than at walmart." He then told Alexis her water had in fact broke and he was calling to get her a room now to get labor rolling. Things moved pretty fast...we were checked in by 2.....Sweet Baby Love was here by 9:18!! He weighs 6 lbs. 10 oz. He is 19 inches long.
Roman Case Sterling, you are so loved already! We are so glad you came into the world! I can not wait to watch you grow, learn, and love! Always remember your roots, build a relationship with Jesus, and love with all your heart!!

Monday, July 1, 2013


I know I need to write this, but it is HARD. I know God's Grace is enough for me, but here is the deal. I have made so many mistakes. I mean people really don't even know. I am sure if anyone I go to college with reads this, they are like oh I know. But here is the real deal. God knows it all, and he forgives me anyway. Wow! It is so amazing to me. I mean I am one of those people that can make the same mistake 100 times before I learn that it is a mistake. But, God knew that and forgives me because his son Jesus died on the cross for me and my sin. I feel so many times that I am not good enough....guess what.... I am not. That is the neat thing about Grace. I don't have to do good works. What I do have to do is work harder to read God's word and get to know him better each day. I have to strive to live a life that will glorify him. All this to get me here:
These last few months have been a struggle for not only me, but especially my best friend. She has went through one of the toughest times in her life. She found out in September her husband was having an affair, then her Grandma unexpected passed away. This is what I can tell you without all the details. Her ex-husband had become one of my best guy friends. He was someone I could talk about sports with, trust to get advice from, and just talk to him. I can tell you this. I have been able to forgive him for the affairs, but he said some hurtful things to someone that means so much to me. I still see lots of times how these comments have hurt her. It breaks my heart. I know just like God shows me grace I need to do the is just hard for me! I am praying that this forgiveness comes and that I can get there! I know I will. Isn't God's Grace a wonderful thing!

Summer Lovin'

Well, for anyone out there who has summers off you know it is wonderful! I love my summers! For a little recap, I finished my 5th amazing year of teaching! I had a great group of kids. They were respectful and sweet...I am sad to see them go to 6th grade. But, I left them a couple days early to go on a vacation with my bestie from college, Mayci! We left on Friday, May 31 and went to Cozumel. We stayed at Park Royal! This place comes HIGHLY recommended by me! If you want some where with sun and fun....go here! We loved it! We basically laid by the beach or pool and ate wonderful food! It was a relaxing and fun vacay. I will post a few pics, because pictures make everything better right?!?! Then I returned to do a week of Professional my favorite after a week off, but hey it actually was fun and educational. After this was over it was family time! My Dad's side of the family came in for Father's Day weekend. We had a baby shower for my sister and lots of fun family time! I love my family so much! Once this was over, it was my week with Nakia in Branson. We had a blast! She is so much fun and a joy to be around. Last week and this one, hopefully, are very chill weeks! I have had lunch and dinner with friends and just enjoyed laying out by the pool. So yes, I love summer so very much! Hope everyone else is loving summer as much as me!!