Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Well I never thought I would blog about this, but here we go.......I think I could possibly write a book on dating! I would call myself the one date wonder! Laugh, it is suppose to be funny! Just to give you some history, I dated one person through the majority of high school. To be honest, it was great we had so much fun together!! He was a great Christian guy with a wonderful family! I learned a lot from our relationship. We just weren't meant to be, end of story!
After this, I dated one guy in the summer before college. He was precious and sweet, but I knew I needed to go to college with no attachments! So, I broke his heart! :( But, I don't think I could have made it work....no regrets! :)
In college, I dated here and there. But I never wanted it to go further than dating! My feelings were, I had done the relationship thing and just wanted time to have fun without any commitment to anyone! I wanted to figure out who I was without any influence from anyone! Selfish....yea probably so! It for sure was not fair to the guys I dated at that time. Looking back now I can see that!
Well, when I moved back to Greenwood four years ago all my friends were getting married. So, I thought I will start dating. I knew I was ready for that and it was time to settle down! Well, this was easier said than done! In Central Arkansas, there are single men everywhere...Greenwood, Arkansas yea not so much!! It was hard to meet people! Harder than I ever thought possible! The first couple years home I went on only two dates, but turned down several others. Then in 2011, I made my New Years Resolution to go on dates with anyone that asked me! I have continued this into 2012...and now 2013!
I have been on around 10 dates the past two years. All first dates and first dates only! Sometimes by my choose...sometimes by theirs...and sometimes I have no idea what happened! It has been a crazy experience! It is difficult to say the least! But I know there is someone, somewhere out there! Just hope I find him!
**Side note I love my life!! I am happy and so blessed by amazing friends and family!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Holidays

Do the Holidays get harder for everyone as you get older? This year more than ever I wished things were the same as they were a few years ago. It just seems harder to get together, and to keep traditions we've had ever since I can remember!!  I loved the family time but things are just different! So, cherish the time while you have it even if things are different! Family is so important!

Maybe blogging from my phone will help??

Well, here we are again and it has been a month since I wrote a post! So, I have added blogger on my phone. My goal is to blog weekly.

A very dear friend of mine asked me an important question this week. She asked, "If you could go back to school and do anything else, what would you do?" My answer before I even thought, "I would want to learn to be a missionary!" Wait, what? Did I really just say that? I love Nicaragua! I could be completely content with living  there and feeding kids all day, everyday! But could I ever have the faith I need to do this? Is this something God really wants me to do? It is something I need to pray about!!!

What does God want you to do with the rest of your life?