Thursday, February 21, 2013

Godly Guidance

Things are a changing.......This week we found out that our principal is retiring after this school year. I will say this, I am blessed to have worked for her. Without her, I would not have got my job at Greenwood. She believed in me as a teacher and supported and helped me so much. I have put a lot of thought into my life and what God really wants for over the next few years. These are just a few questions I have..
1. Is Greenwood where I need to stay forever or awhile?
2. Is teaching really what God wants me to do forever?
3. If Greenwood isn't where I need to be, where does God want me to go?
4. I know what God wants me to do if I am not teaching..I have blogged about this before and it scares me a whole lot!
I don't feel like a have a clear answer on any of these questions, but what God has really shown me lately is that I need to continue to seek his face even when I don't have all the answers "I want!" Yes, I know patience is something I need to work on...I am getting better. This is one thing I feel that has been clearly shown to me the past few months I think about what way to many people when I make decisions. I need to clearly know what God wants me to do and just do it!!! I want to be better about this...It is just my nature to think about everyone else around me. Ultimately, if God is telling me to do something I NEED to do it! End of story!

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