Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break.....thinking

Well, this spring break I didn't go to Disney World, I didn't go to some nice tropical island, or I didn't go in some elaborate road trip.  FOR everyone that knows me, you know I love to travel. This spring break, I did take a small trip to Fayetteville and Little Rock. But, this is the extent of my traveling. I had an awesome time in Little Rock for Saint Patrick's Day. The best part of the trip I was making a Harlem shake video! I love being silly and dancing with my amazing friends.. They are the best! During the week I took it easy and cleaned my house from top to bottom. I know you have to be thinking that sounds like a lot of fun, but it was much needed. I'm hoping to have a buyer for my house soon. This is something that I've been praying about a lot. Then this past weekend, I went to Fayetteville and hang out with Mayci & Liz. I love getting to spend time with my friends!
1 thing I can tell you about not having a lot to do during the week, is that I think about things way too much. oh well I guess that happens. one thing am looking forward to that though, is going to Cozumel with Mayci!! Now May 31st please hurry up! This girl needs a vacation!

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