Friday, January 3, 2014

Weight Loss

This is something I don't want to write about, but know I need to. I am scared and know people judge me for how I look. I have always struggled with my weight. Let me stop and say now, I am not one of those people that thinks I am so ugly and everyone looks at me as a fatso. I have confidence. My weight has been something I just try to look past. But I know from family history, I need to get it under control. So, starting Monday my sister and I are going to begin a weight loss journey together. My goal is to lose around 60 pounds by the time school starts in August. Do you want to see my picture for motivation?
Here it is! This was my Freshman year of college!!
I was a little small here. In fact, this is the smallest I have ever been.  I had just done a little crash dieting for a friends dress was ordered a couple of sizes too small. So, motivation and inspiration comes from this right here! I plan to blog about my journey. We will begin Let's Lose program in Greenwood. I want to let people know what I am eating, how I am exercising, and what I am doing to succeed! Please help to encourage and keep me accountable in anyway possible.  READY, SET, WEIGHT LOSS HERE I COME!!!

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