Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unconditional Love

Sometimes I struggle with this:
At what point in life do you say to your parents, I understand that you do not want me to go to a country that scares you, but God does?

I love my parents, but every time I want to do mission work, this comes up. I say I want to go three weeks or a month, they say how about just one week. Then, somewhere or some how we settle in the middle. I love my parents and know as a single woman, I still need to listen to the and respect their opinions. Then, I wonder am I not hearing God's voice clearly or is this just the Devil causing confusion in my life? Pray for for me. Pray for my parents. Pray of Nicaragua. I love my parents so much and they love me and "get me." I know they are scared for me and do not want anything to happen! Sometimes, I just wish they understood why I love this country so much and why I feel so called to go. Until then, I pray for them to have peace and to continue to love me unconditionally; like they always have! I LOVE you Mom and Dad. Your love for me is so evident!

I KNOW that missions will forever be apart of my life. Just short term for now, but I think it could be long term at some point!

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