Monday, January 16, 2012

YES I turned 26 and I am old!

On January 2nd, I turned the big 26. For the first time, I feel old and let me tell you why. I had jokingly all year said I was going stay 25 forever. I loved being 25! Of course, it had its' challenges but really was a good year! But 26...I mean can I even say I am in my mid 20s? I know this sounds ridicolous to some of you! LOL! So when going to get my driver's license renewed the lady said to me, "See you back when you are 30." 30..I mean really should that number even be in my vocabulary?!?! I am excited to see what this year has to bring! So, yes bring on 26!
Here are a few gifts I recived plus some money!

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  1. Yes, 26 is still mid 20's! I on the other hand am getting really close to 30!