Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful-Yes I am behind!

Day 7-I am thankful for my phone. It allows me to stay in contact with all of friends and be encouraged daily by someone! I love uplifting phone calls and texts without a phone I would not smile as much during the day! :)
Day 8-I am thankful for my home. I have a place every night to come and rest. I have a warm bed to lay my hear and more things that I really need. I love my home because I can use it have friends over and fellowship with them and get to know them better.
Day 9-I am thankful for the opportunity to continue my education. It is going to be a lot of working going back to school and working full time, but I am thankful I have the time to get more of an education. I hope that this will someone help me to become a better teacher.
Day 10-I am thankful for my job! I love to teach kids and get to know them! I mean really know them what they like and do not like. My favorite thing is teaching them to enjoy learning and reading. It isn't always easy but I would not want to do anything else with my life! Teaching is for me!
Day 11-Today I am thankful for our Veterans. I am so glad to live in a free country and for the many men and women who have served our country for that freedom! I love America and I am very thankful to live here!!
Day 12-I am thankful for football and basketball. I love sports!! I love the Saturdays in the fall that I am blessed to go to watch the Razorbacks. I have been going for almost 10 years now and love it! When there is an away game there is nothing more that I want to do then sit at home all day and watch football. Also, it is getting close to my next favorite!! I love some basketball and know more about it than any other sport!

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