Monday, October 3, 2011


This topic has been on my heart a lot lately and I feel so confused! Let me start from the beginning...When I moved back to Greenwood it just felt right to go back to the church I grew up in! I had sweet friend still going there and had served there on and off throughout college. After being there about 6 months my friend Rachel and I were approached about starting a class for young women in their 20s. We lead the class but had tremendous difficulties trying to get people to come! We had a couple girls come and I have grown to love them and really get to know them. Long story short Rachel and one of the other girls got married. This left us with two or three in our class and our awesome leader Dana. Well to get to the point basically the class fizzled out. Throughout this time I have just had this feeling that I need to find somewhere else to go or somewhere to get feed(God's word of course.). I have always wanted to go to church and really miss it when I am not there but lately I just don't feel that way. Our class joined another class and I am liking the women in there but I still just don't feel right. They are older than I and all have children that are mostly older, too. I NEED prayers! I NEED Guidance! I NEED to know how to meet other single young people my age! I NEED to know where God wants me and how to serve and meet the needs of others!! I love Jesus and Love serving and want to do what God wants me too do regardless of my comfort level!! Please pray for me!!

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