Monday, July 18, 2011

Lake Weekend

I love summer and water more than I can express in words!! I think I am as dark as I ever have been, because if the opportunity comes I want to be outside in the water! Most of the summer I have been at my parents pool, but this weekend was special one and I went out to Beaver Lake! My friends(Mayci, Caleb, Randy, and Liz) and I all left on Friday and went to Caleb's parent's lake house on Beaver lake. Needless to say we had a blast! To give you a little background on who I went with......
Liz was my basketball buddy in high school! Every time we made a long trip we would sit by each other on the bus and became pretty good friends this way! So, when we both decided to go off to college at UCA Liz became my Freshman roommate! We had our ups and downs and living together was not for us but our friendship has remained all these years! Through her and living in the dorm she met Randy! He is an amazing guy and I am so glad that Liz has found him! We have became close as well!
Then, there is Mayci! She is one of my BFFs, too! She lived in State Hall with me when we are Freshman! We actually met though having classes together in the dorm! FYI: This is great way to meet people if you are going off to college! At UCA it is called Residential College and you have classes right in your dorm. Anyways, back to Mayci, when we lived in State our freshman year Mayci practically lived in our room and we hung out 24/7! We even worked at the same daycare for 6 months! Pretty much from the first time we met we were inseparable! We lived together the rest of our college career and have gotten closer each year we have known each other! Mayci met Caleb while working at Chick-fila. I am so thankful to have them in my life! I know that they both would be there for me no matter what!
Now where was I, ohhh yes back to the Lake! So, we basically laid out by the lake the whole time the sun was at on Friday and Saturday! We had so fun and silly times talking about mermaids and what not! We ate great food(brautes, bar-b-que chicken, breakfast casserole, and egg sandwiches)!! It was a fun relaxing weeknd with some great friends! We even talked about going on a future trip overseas that I really hope will work out! It is great to enjoy water, bevearages, and good food any weekend! This will be a weekend I won't forget for awhile! :)
Liz and Mace

Caleb and Mayci
Randy and Elizabeth
Mayci and I
The Girls!

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